A global movement to eliminate viral hepatitis by 2030

1.34 Million Deaths a Year

Viral hepatitis kills more people globally than HIV/AIDS, TB or malaria

There's NO EXCUSE!

Highly-effective vaccines and treatments exist for hepatitis B and a cure for hepatitis C. Yet, only 10% of people globally have access to them.

There’s NO Excuse, viral hepatitis can be eliminated.

Global Commitment

NOhep was born in 2016 when 194 countries agreed to the World Health Organization’s (WHO) elimination targets, which include a 90% reduction of new hepatitis B and C infections and a 65% reduction in hepatitis B and C related mortality by 2030.

We have the global commitment, we have the tools, now we need you to speak up and take action to make sure it becomes a reality. Join the NOhep movement now!

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