If I asked you to take two minutes to help eliminate viral hepatitis, what would you say?

We took to the streets of London and here’s the response we got…..

What is the NOhep: NOEXCUSE pledge?

There’s NO EXCUSE for the 1.34 million  people who die each year from a disease that can either be completely prevented in the case of hepatitis B or cured for hepatitis C. There’s NO EXCUSE that nearly 90% of people living with the cancer-causing disease are unaware. There’s NO EXCUSE for stigma and discrimination, which affects the lives of millions. There’s NO Excuse: Viral hepatitis can be eliminated.

The NOhep:NOEXCUSE pledge campaign is a year-round advocacy and awareness-raising activity calling on all people to stop making excuses and pledge simple actions to help eliminate viral hepatitis.

How can you make a pledge?

It takes less than five minutes; you simply add your name to the pledge wall and choose one of these five ‘elimination’ pledges, or write your own!

How can you spread the message?

3,500 people die every day from viral hepatitis. It’s time to stop making excuses. A small action today will amount to a bigger, positive change.


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