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The global movement to eliminate viral hepatitis by 2030.

What is NOhep?

NOhep unites people around the world behind a shared goal: the elimination of viral hepatitis. With one voice we demand action, we demand change and we demand that millions of people around the world are given a chance to live a life free of this disease!

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Why do we need NOhep?

Viral hepatitis is one of the leading causes of death globally, accounting for more deaths per year than HIV/AIDS or malaria.

Despite killing 1.4 million people every year, the response to viral hepatitis is critically under-funded and widely overlooked by international funders and development partners.

290 million people are completely unaware they are living with the virus.

This puts them at risk of developing fatal liver disease or unknowingly passing the virus on to others.

A human rights injustice

People living with viral hepatitis often face discrimination and stigma which impacts their health, employment and relationships. Those hit hardest by the disease are often from marginalised communities, including refugees, indigenous peoples, people who inject drugs and LGBT people, and face multiple barriers to prevention, diagnosis, and treatment services.

...but we CAN eliminate this silent killer

There is an effective vaccine against and treatment for hepatitis B, and a cure for hepatitis C.

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Only five countries are on track to eliminate hepatitis C

In 2016, every country in the world committed to eliminating viral hepatitis by 2030

However, few countries are on track to meet the World Health Organization’s targets.

Now, we must act to make sure elimination becomes a reality

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2030 elimination targets

Listen to the Hep-cast

The Hep-cast is a new podcast series exploring the people behind the fight against hepatitis. In the first series the Hep-cast focuses on hepatitis C, in each episode you will hear from leading medical professionals, researchers, advocates and people with lived experience of hepatitis as they explore what needs to be done to reach elimination.

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What next?

About viral hepatitis

Find out more about the different types of hepatitis and how they are prevented, transmitted and treated

Take action for NOhep

Fight for elimination in your community. Fight for your government to prioritise elimination efforts. Fight for the elimination of viral hepatitis by 2030!