A global movement to eliminate viral hepatitis by 2030

What is NOhep?

NOhep unites people around the world behind a shared goal: the elimination of viral hepatitis. With one voice we demand action, we demand change and we demand that millions of people around the world are given a chance to live a life free of this disease!

Why Now?

The 1.34 million deaths per year caused by viral hepatitis are all preventable. Now that we have vaccines for hepatitis B and a cure for hepatitis C, there is a genuine possibility of a world free from viral hepatitis.

The time is now because without unified global action, we will miss our chance to eliminate a global killer by 2030.

How We Work

NOhep was born on World Hepatitis Day 2016 when 194 countries agreed to the World Health Organization’s (WHO) elimination targets, which include a 90% reduction of new hepatitis B and C infections and a 65% reduction in hepatitis B and C related mortality by 2030.

NOhep Actions Counter

* Actions are based on the level of online and offline engagement with the NOhep movement

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