Medical professionals are vital to the elimination of viral hepatitis.

As crucial members of the NOhep community, medical professionals help bridge the gap between medicine and public health.

Whether you are a primary care doctor, a hepatologist, a nurse or a researcher, if you are a medical professional committed to the elimination of viral hepatitis, we invite you to join the NOhep Medical Visionaries programme. You will be joining a global network of leading medical professionals who are using their expertise to drive action to meet the 2030 targets.

Become a Medical Visionary

What does a NOhep Medical Visionary do?

  • They maximise the role of medical professionals in improving hepatitis diagnosis, linkage-to-care, treatment and chronic care.
  • They make a real difference to elimination efforts through bold and innovative actions – from local to international levels –, that advance progress and bring about change.
  • They actively engage peers, other medical professionals, budget holders, patients, the public and political decision-makers to advocate for change.


“[Elimination] is the goal of a lifetime. As someone who has seen many patients dying from viral hepatitis, curing all of them and preventing new cases would be the ultimate achievement.”

– Dr Alessio Aghemo, MD, PHD, Italy

The NOhep Medical Visionaries programme is practical and peer-led, and aims to equip medical professionals with the knowledge and tools they need to lead the fight against viral hepatitis, and to empower them to take action to drive elimination efforts.

Join the Programme

“Because I have seen many patients who didn’t make it. I don’t want to see more deaths from liver disease or liver cancer. The hepatitis C cure is so transformative. It changes their lives, they can move on and put the disease behind them.”

– Dr Norah Terrault, MD, MPH, USA

Why should I become a NOhep Medical Visionary?

  • You will be joining a global network of the leading voices in hepatitis elimination.
  • You will have opportunities to meet and network with other NOhep Medical Visionaries at exclusive seminars and workshops at some of the world’s biggest liver conferences.
  • You will learn from medical professionals who are taking pioneering steps towards elimination, and have the opportunity to share your own experiences.
  • You will have access to a range of key resources to help you with your own elimination efforts, including TED-style talks from internationally-renowned medical professionals.
  • You will be at the forefront of the global fight against viral hepatitis, and will play a key role in the historic elimination of the disease.
Become a Medical Visionary

The five principles of being a Medical Visionary

Educate Peers

You educate peers that elimination of viral hepatitis is achievable.

Raise Awareness

You raise awareness amongst key audiences of viral hepatitis as a human and economic issue, and the urgent need to act.

Enable others

You enable other medical professionals to play their role in eliminating viral hepatitis.

Facilitate collaboration

You facilitate collaboration between key stakeholders, teaming up with NGOs and the hepatitis community to advance viral hepatitis elimination efforts.

Vocal ambassador

You are an ambassador for all efforts to eliminate viral hepatitis, promoting action and driving change that will help achieve ambitious goals.

Become a NOhep Medical Visionary

Join leading medical professionals from around the world and become a NOhep Medical Visionary

Become a Medical Visionary

Recent events

NOhep Medical Visionaries meeting, APASL 2020

We are delighted to share with you highlights from the NOhep Medical Visionaries meeting held in Bali during APASL 2020. The meeting brought together medical professionals with leading civil society organisations in the region to discuss how decentralisation could accelerate hepatitis elimination efforts. Watch the full video on the right (below on mobile/cell) or visit our resources section to view all videos and resources for Medical Visionaries.

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