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The Hep-cast is a new podcast series exploring the people behind the fight against hepatitis. In the first series the Hep-cast focuses on hepatitis C, in each episode you will hear from leading medical professionals, researchers, advocates and people with lived experience of hepatitis as they explore what needs to be done to reach elimination.

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Episode one: Engagement

In episode one, the Hep-cast explores how people who have been affected by hepatitis C are leading the fight against the virus in their communities. Sarah Jarvis, our host, is joined by Cary James of the World Hepatitis Alliance, Professor Carla Treloar from the University of New South Wales and Tony McClure from the Hepatitis C Trust in the UK.

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Episode two: Finding the Missing Millions

This second episode focusses on testing and how finding the ‘missing millions’ is essential to eliminate hepatitis C. Our host, Dr Sarah Jarvis, is joined by Manal El Sayed from the Egyptian National Committee for the Control of Viral Hepatitis, Sonjelle Shilton, Deputy Head of HCV access at Global NGO FIND and Jennifer Slepin, who co-founded HepCarestream in the USA after being cured of hepatitis C.

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Episode 3: Breaking Barriers to Treatment

In this episode our focus turns to treatment as we explore the power of cure and how to successfully take treatment to the people who need it most. Host Sarah Jarvis is joined by Maka Gogia, Program Director of the Georgian Harm Reduction Network, George Kalamitsis, Chair of the Hellenic Liver Patient Association in Athens and Alex Thompson, Director of Gastroenterology at St Vincent’s Hospital in Melbourne.

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Episode 4: Ending the chain of transmission

This episode focuses on the role of harm reduction services in protecting vulnerable people from hepatitis C. Host Sarah Jarvis hears from Heidi Fridriksdottir, Project Manager of the TrapHepC initiative in Iceland – where they have already reached the WHO service targets for hepatitis C elimination –, Aura Roig, Director of the grass-roots, women-focussed Metzineres organization in Barcelona and Jodie Albert, a Community Outreach Worker in the Atahkakoop Know Your Status hepatitis C program, a rural First Nation community in Canada.

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UK in Focus: Elimination is Possible

In the first of our two ‘UK in Focus’ episodes, our panel discusses the current status of hepatitis C elimination in the UK and share good practice initiatives that are making elimination possible. Our host, Dr Sarah Jarvis, is joined by Professor Graham Foster, Professor of Hepatology at Queen Mary University of London, Rachel Halford, CEO of the Hepatitis C Trust and Professor John Dillon, Professor of Hepatology and Gastroenterology at University of Dundee.

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UK in Focus: Collaborate to Eliminate

This episode speaks to three women whose organisations are working together to achieve the elimination of hepatitis C in their community. Our host, Dr Sarah Jarvis, is joined by Shabana Begum, the South Asian Project Officer at The Hepatitis C Trust, Stacey Smith, Director of Nursing at Humankind and Diane Williams, Hepatitis C Network Manager for the West Yorkshire Operational Delivery Network.

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The Global Movement to Eliminate Viral Hepatitis

In this season’s final episode, our panel discusses the power of the global hepatitis movement and their willingness to achieve the elimination of viral hepatitis as a public health threat, including how to overcome the challenges that lie ahead. Our host, Dr Sarah Jarvis, is joined by Charles Gore, hepatitis advocate and founder of the World Hepatitis Alliance (WHA), Dr Su Wang, President of the WHA, Homie Razavi, MD of Center for Disease Analysis Foundation, and John Ward, Director of the Coalition for Global Hepatitis Elimination at the Task Force for Global Health.

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The Hep-cast is a collaboration between the World Hepatitis Alliance and Gilead Sciences Europe Limited. The Hep-cast is fully funded by Gilead Sciences Europe Limited.