Films For Change: Taking Hepatitis Science to Communities through Film

As part of the ‘Films For Change’ project, TVE has launched four powerful films made by student filmmakers in India, to give a voice to 5 individuals who have survived viral hepatitis, a disease which affects 400 million globally.

The project, in partnership with the World Hepatitis Alliance, is supported by Wellcome Trust.

These videos are a creative statement on the life-changing advances which have been made in the field of viral hepatitis! #NOhep

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Like Everyone Else’ by Sameer Gardner, Ajeet Mahale and Milen Mathew vividly portrays through one man’s story how the hepatitis B vaccine is protecting families

‘Sukriti the Survivor’ by Neelu Sharma focuses on the ongoing battle to persuade those infected with hepatitis to turn to medicine rather than traditional healers

Detecting the Change’ by Aditi Saraswat and Anand Gautam tells, through one survivor’s personal testimony, how new hepatitis C drugs are conquering the virus

A New Hope for Hep C’ by Shalini Srivastava follows the stories of two people who have conquered hepatitis C thanks to new drugs