Join the movement! the official NOhep song

written and sung by the Dachomo brothers

Dachomo Ezekiel Bwede and Darim Dachomo, two brothers from Nigeria grew up with a fear of losing their father to viral hepatitis. Having seen family, friends and teachers die at the hands of the disease, they thought their father may not live long enough to guide them through their education.

With first-hand experience seeing the damaging effects of hepatitis, the brothers have come together with NOhep to compose a new song to encourage others to join the global fight against hepatitis and raise awareness to encourage testing, vaccination and treatment.

The brother’s passion for music and hepatitis activism has motivated them to use their talents to mobilise people in their community and around the world to join the Nohep movement and call for the elimination of viral hepatitis by 2030.

Both brothers have studied psychology at Plateau State University and their father is still alive today, having guided them through their studies. In recognition of their activism, the brothers have been awarded Hepatitis Young Ambassadors of GAMMUN Centre for Care and Development in Nigeria and continue to push for wider recognition, treatment and vaccination for hepatitis in Nigeria and beyond.