NOhep News Headlines | January 2019

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NOhep Supporter Spotlight

Dr Lynn Taylor is an HIV, viral hepatitis and primary care physician, a clinician educator and a public health advocate.

In May 2013, she was awarded an innovation fellowship from the Rhode Island Foundation to create Rhode Island Defeats Hepatitis C (RI Defeats Hep C), a project dedicated to the elimination of hepatitis C in Rhode Island.

Since then, RI Defeats Hep C has utilised the arts to help fulfil its goals, collaborating with others in innovative and unique ways. For example, the organisation has created spectacular collaborations with WaterFire, an arts and music festival in Providence, RI that have reached new audiences with a positive message about hepatitis treatment and awareness.

Check out Lynn’s inspirational and truly unique work here!


On 20 December 2018, Turkmenistan launched its National Strategic Plan, adopting in full the WHO aim of elimination by 2030

Congratulations to Turkmenistan for a much needed step in the direction of elimination in a country that has a large – and often undocumented – hepatitis burden.

See more photos from the historic decision!

South Africa

Professor Mark Sonderup provided some fantastic news from South Africa recently, tweeting us to say that the first patient in South Africa was being treated for their hepatitis C with Epclusa as a part of the publicly available Gilead Access Programme.

This development marks a positive step towards widespread treatment in South Africa, which has a chronic hepatitis C burden of around 350,000 people.

Bravo, Mark! 👏


Belgium’s Minister of Health Maggie De Block has announced that from 1 January 2019 she will make funds available to extend the reimbursement of innovative medicines for the treatment of hepatitis C to all patients, regardless of how far they have progressed in their illness.

Belgium’s current national strategy for hepatitis runs between 2014-2019. Let us ensure that this decision by the Minister of Health is backed up by a review of Belgium’s strategy and an aggressive roll-out of short, safe and efficient hepatitis C treatment!


The Lancet has published a commission into accelerating the elimination of viral hepatitis, which has had contributions from NOhep Medical Visionaries such as Professors Graham Cooke, Jeffrey Lazarus and Brian McMahon.

We encourage all supporters to take a look at its key recommendations for how we can make progress towards the 2030 elimination goals and learn from the examples set by countries that are well on their way to attaining these goals!

Read the Commission in full!