NOhep News Headlines | October 2018

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“A model for the world”
The first of three stages in a ‘historic’ anti-hepatitis drive in Egypt launched this month. What will it mean for elimination?

Egypt has launched a new initiative to target hepatitis C in the country, with the goal of being free from hepatitis C by 2020. Under the initiative, 50 million Egyptians will be targeted.

Egypt currently suffers from high rates of hepatitis infection; to combat this, the programme will offer screenings at state hospitals, medical centres, mobile clinics and youth centres, with those testing positive for hepatitis C being treated for free.

➔ Read about Ammal Metwally’s work to eliminate viral hepatitis in Egypt via the NOhep website.


“Extremely encouraging”
The ruling of a Brazilian court will have major implications for 700,000 Brazilians who cannot afford access to hepatitis C treatment.

A Brazilian court has stripped Gilead Sciences, a major US pharmaceutical company, of its exclusivity patent for the hepatitis C drug sofosbuvir.

The drug, which Gilead held under the brand name Sovaldi, is an extremely effective, orally administered treatment for hepatitis C. The court’s ruling has opened up the possibility that Brazilian companies might provide a cheaper, generic version of sofosbuvir

➔ Read in full via Médecins Sans Frontières, September 26 2018.


“I lost everything”
A public inquiry has begun into the contaminated blood scandal, where thousands of NHS patients in the UK were given infected blood products.

As a public inquiry began into what has been called one of the worst-ever treatment disasters in the UK, witnesses gave emotional and occasionally harrowing testimonies about their experience and the experiences of their loved ones.

The inquiry may last for two or more years and aims to make up for the shortcomings of previous inquiries, which were deemed insufficient by campaigners.

➔ Read in full via BBC, September 24 2018.


Supporter Spotlight October

Ammal Metwally is a prominent figure in a thriving network of Egyptian civil society organisations; in this month’s Supporter Spotlight, discover how she has been driving action for the elimination of viral hepatitis through her work for the Association of Liver Patients Care (ALPC).

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