NOhep Villager: Bridging Health Foundation

Bridging Health Foundation was founded in 2010 by a group of researchers doing MPhil and PhD thesis research on viral hepatitis. Bridging Health Foundation works on hepatitis awareness, screening, and drug treatment response in Pakistan by conducting hepatitis awareness surveys, and doing research on issues related to hepatitis.

What do you plan to do at your booth in the NOhep Village?

We will make banners of our hepatitis awareness and screening activities in Pakistan, which are linked to the Global Health Sector Strategy on Viral Hepatitis. We will also provide our NOhep activities brochure to visitors.

What do you hope delegates will learn from your booth?

Delegates will learn about the hepatitis epidemic in Pakistan, the government response and what Bridging Health Foundation is doing to tackle the issue.

What will make your booth stand out?

Pakistan has the 2nd highest hepatitis C burden in the world. We will highlight our activities in Pakistan and also stress the fact that there is a dire need to speed up the hepatitis elimination response.

What are you most looking forward to about the Global Hepatitis Summit?

At the Global Hepatitis Summit, we will interact with the scientific community and develop partnerships for future hepatitis research activities in Pakistan. We will also interact with other civil society organisations to learn from their hepatitis activities in their own countries. We will try to get support from pharmaceutical/diagnostic companies for hepatitis awareness and screening activities in Pakistan.

How will exhibiting in the NOhep Village benefit your organisation?

We will develop partnerships to help us to efficiently carry out hepatitis activities in Pakistan. It will enable us to share our NOhep activities in Pakistan.

How have you worked with the scientific community in the past?

We are in fact part of the scientific community. Two of Bridging Health Foundation’s Executive Board Members hold PhD degrees in research on hepatitis. Participation in this Summit will help us to develop new collaborations with hepatitis scientists from all over the world.

As a result of the 2nd World Hepatitis Summit in Brazil, we collaborated with Prof. Homie Razavi and contributed to his recently published hepatitis B paper. Similarly, we are interacting with Prof. Joe Tucker, Prof. Sharon Hutchinson, Prof. J.V. Lazarus and many other experts.

Finally, I would like to thank the World Hepatitis Alliance for selecting us to participate in the NOhep Village at the Global Hepatitis Summit in Toronto.

Find out more about Bridging Health Pakistan’s work by visiting their website or following them on Twitter and Facebook.