NOhep Villager: Canadian Aboriginal AIDS Network (CAAN)

CAAN provides a national forum for Indigenous Peoples to holistically address HIV/AIDS, HCV, STBBIs, TB and related mental health, aging and co-morbidity issues. CAAN promotes a Determinants of Health Framework through advocacy; and provides accurate and up-to-date resources on these issues in a culturally relevant manner for Indigenous Peoples in Canada.

What do you plan to do at your booth in the NOhep Village?

In Canada and in many other parts of the world, hepatitis C is disproportionately represented in Indigenous populations. Through visual and written content, discussions and traditional ceremonies, we will articulate how CAAN engages in research with Indigenous Peoples and the scientific community through the “Two-eyed Seeing” approach. This creates safe and ethical spaces where both communities are able to share different Ways of Knowing and has been, and continues to be, an effective way for two world views to respectfully engage together where everyone is valued and heard, and power is equally distributed. All our activities will be housed in a tipi that we hope to bring to the event!

There will be an interactive program of events for the duration of the conference, including panel discussions, networking collaboration, collective brainstorming, presentations, workshops, video/audio resources, research development and dissemination, traditional practices and cultural performances from Indigenous representatives and their allies.

What do you hope delegates will learn from your booth?

We hope delegates will learn about Indigenous responses to hepatitis, in particular hepatitis C. We’ll also be informing attendees about harm reduction and cultural and community responses to hepatitis C.

What will make your booth stand out?

Our booth will stand out as an Indigenous and cultural exhibit.

What are you most looking forward to about the Global Hepatitis Summit?

We are looking forward to networking, sharing knowledge and learning new things to take back to our communities.

How will exhibiting in the NOhep Village benefit your organisation?

Attending the Global Hepatitis Summit will increase awareness of the two-way learning approach and provide opportunities to network.

How have you worked with the scientific community in the past?

We participate in research and partnership with CAAN Hep C Network as well as peer navigation and wellness.

Find out more about CAAN’s work by visiting their website or following them on Twitter and Facebook.