NOhep Villager: The Vancouver Infectious Diseases Centre

The Vancouver Infectious Diseases Centre uses a multidisciplinary care model for the delivery of health care providing expert, state-of-the-art diagnosis and treatment of chronic infectious diseases and related conditions (including addiction and pain management), with a focus on HIV and hepatitis C infections. With a team of physicians, nurses, clinical trial coordinators, clinical researchers and administrative staff, we commit to our 4 legged chair model: supporting individuals in their social, psychological, medical and addiction based needs. We use the medical model as a tool for social engagement among the vulnerable populations in which we work with (mostly PWID – people who inject drugs) in Vancouver Downtown Eastside area.

What do you plan to do at your booth in the NOhep Village?

We will provide educational pamphlets, brochures about VIDC to the audiences. We will also engage with the audiences who walk by to discuss VIDC’s mission and learn about how other national and international organizations take initiatives in eliminating hepatitis C by 2030.

What do you hope delegates will learn from your booth?

We hope delegates will learn about VIDC’s mission and initiatives towards using the medical model as a tool for social engagement for marginalised populations, which can not only be applied in Vancouver, but also internationally. Our aim is also to introduce the idea that at VIDC, the meaning of “care” means to provide the optimal medical, social, psychological and addiction-based needs of all individuals and that is the “4-legged chair model” in which we follow for socially engaging the vulnerable population.

What will make your booth stand out?

We will be presenting VIDC with a large banner of our organization. We will be offering free swag and materials to the audiences – such as VIDC pens, notepads, educational pamphlets and brochures etc., in accordance to the topic of the GHS.

What are you most looking forward to about the Global Hepatitis Summit?

To speak with healthcare providers and professionals in the field, how VIDC is spearheading the four legged model in Vancouver, share and expand knowledge on how we can help each other nationally and internationally in the NOhep initiative.

How will exhibiting in the NOhep Village benefit your organisation?

Being a part of NOhep fits remarkably well with our VIDC model of providing the care that hepatitis C positive individuals require in not only treatment, but to be engaged back into their regular lives socially.

How have you worked with the scientific community in the past?

VIDC has published academic research papers regarding real world hepatitis C therapy data, our outreach programs, and our novel multidisciplinary system. We have presented and given talks internationally at conferences such as EASL, INHSU, and AASLD. We also lead many investigational trials of HIV and HCV. Overall, we work immensely with the research, pharmaceutical and medical community.

Find out more about VIDC’s work by visiting their website or YouTube.