NOhep Villager: VIRCAN

Viral Hepatitis Care Network (VIRCAN), an initiative of the Toronto Centre for Liver Disease at UHN, is an academic-community partnership that increases awareness, builds capacity and closes gaps in viral hepatitis care with the ultimate goal to eliminate viral hepatitis in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). Providing the best and most current evidence-based treatments in viral hepatitis B and C, VIRCAN works with both patients and providers throughout the care continuum, from diagnosis to treatment, to cure, providing the knowledge, skills, and expertise required to treat and manage these diseases and their complications.

What do you plan to do at your booth in the NOhep Village?

VIRCAN will focus on helping community stakeholders understand what VIRCAN does and how we can collaborate to help eliminate viral hepatitis in the GTA.

What do you hope delegates will learn from your booth?

We believe strong partnerships and collaboration will be key to eliminating viral hepatitis. We hope that delegates will learn the ways that VIRCAN can help support viral hepatitis testing, care, and treatment in their practices and communities.

What will make your booth stand out?

We’ll be including a call to action as part of our booth graphics and try to include an interactive element.

What are you most looking forward to about the Global Hepatitis Summit?

VIRCAN is looking forward to showcasing our efforts to build the capacity to create sustainable, scalable models of testing and linkage to care, as well as our work surrounding viral hepatitis education and care.

How will exhibiting in the NOhep Village benefit your organisation?

We believe that NOhep Village will give us the opportunity to interact with viral hepatitis stakeholders and community members to continue to develop and improve our testing and linkage to care efforts.

How have you worked with the scientific community in the past?

We have a proud history of being firmly rooted in the scientific community, as part of the Toronto Centre for Liver Disease at Toronto General Hospital, UHN.

You can find out more about the work being done by VIRCAN on their social channels: