NOhep World Hepatitis Day Spotlights

World Hepatitis Day (WHD) provided NOhep supporters the opportunity to spread the NOhep message and raise awareness of viral hepatitis. Read on for inspiration on what you could do for NOhep.  

WHD is celebrated each year on 28 July. One of only eight health-specific days marked by the World Health Organisation (WHO), WHD brings the global hepatitis community and the general public together to raise awareness of viral hepatitis around the world. The unity promoted by WHD offers NOhep supporters a unique opportunity to share the message that together can we eliminate this global killer.

In Ghana, rapper and celebrity supporter Okyeame Kwame organised a walkathon across Accra to raise awareness of viral hepatitis. Kwame used his personal influence and profile to bring thousands of people together, including members of the Ministry of Health, NGOs, and healthcare professionals. The walk ended with a dance aerobics session setting a light-hearted and celebratory tone. What a wonderful way to unite people and raise awareness.

Over in India, Rann Bhoomi Foundation gave free hepatitis B vaccinations to children in the Okhla industrial slums of New Delhi. There, they immunised 80 children against the disease. Finding children and immunising them young against this global killer is a vital step in ensuring elimination. After the vaccinations, Rann Bhoomi also handed out NOhep postcards to raise awareness. Linking these two activities together was a great way to educate the local community.

In Macedonia things got fiery. There, Heparcentar put on a show on the streets of Bitola. They started the day with a press statement in front of TV cameras, a great means to generate wider interest. Throughout the day they then showcased their amazing NOhep sculpture. Nearly life-sized and painted the NOhep colours, it attracted loads of attention from onlookers making it a brilliant awareness-raising stunt. As dusk turned to night, a street party then began with a band, dancers and even a fire performer dazzling spectators. In the spirit of both NOhep and WHD, the spectacle brought crowds together ensuring NOhep’s message reached far and wide.

Thank you to everyone who took part in this World Hepatitis Day! Check out what more NOhep supporters got up to in our World Hepatitis Day 2018 Facebook album here.

If you’re inspired to get involved, download the NOhep “Race to 2030” Advocacy Toolkit.

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