NOhep’s First Twitter Takeover

CEVHAP at the APASL Public Health Forum in Manila, Philippines


“We are thrilled to be taking over the NOhep social media to bring you the views from Asia Pacific” – CEVHAP (Coalition to Eradicate Viral Hepatitis In Asia Pacific) 

NOhep supporters CEVHAP led the first NOhep Twitter takeover today!

Tweeting live from Manila at the APASL Public Health Forum, CEVHAP brought out some sobering statistics about viral hepatitis in the Western Pacific region. For example, that 1150 people die each day from viral hepatitis in the Western Pacific region and that 50% of all liver cancer deaths are in China.

The forum itself brought together doctors, patients and civil society members who are working to make hepatitis elimination a reality in the Asia Pacific region. Stigma and discrimination are major barriers to hepatitis B diagnosis in the Western Pacific region, so it was excellent to see the region hosting a forum where people from across the hepatitis elimination field could come together to share their experiences and learn from each other.

Senator Nancy Binay from the Philippines gave a keynote speech at the forum, reinforcing the country’s commitment to addressing discrimination in the workplace for people living with hepatitis through policy, awareness and stakeholder engagement.

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