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What is the NOhep Visionaries Programme?

The NOhep Visionaries Programme brings key change makers in governments, medical professions and civil society organisations together to accelerate action to eliminate viral hepatitis by 2030.

NOhep Visionaries make the elimination of viral hepatitis a priority and are taking bold and innovative steps to advance and achieve the elimination of viral hepatitis by 2030.

Medical Professionals

Medical Professionals are the gatekeepers to elimination and have a powerful role in achieving the public health approach needed to eliminate viral hepatitis by 2030.  Whether it is in a hospital, a clinic or a community outreach centre, everyone can be a NOhep Visionary. Find out more about the 5 Principles of being a NOhep Visionary here.



Meet the group of medical professionals spearheading the NOhep Visionaries Programme

The NOhep Visionaries Programme for Medical Professionals will be launched in other regions throughout 2018. If you are interested in launching the Programme in your region/ country get in touch with us at

We also recently launched the NOhep Guide for Medical Professionals: 5 principles for taking action to eliminate viral hepatitis. Developed by the NOhep Visionaries Steering Group, comprised of leading healthcare professionals across the world, the guide offers practical guidance and resources to equip and empower medical professionals to take action to meet the 2030 elimination targets.


Civil society and advocacy groups are crucial to the fight for elimination. NOhep Visionaries are leading awareness campaigns, lobbying their governments for legislation on testing and vaccinations, speaking out on social media about stigma and fighting for their voice and the voice of the hepatitis community to be heard. NOhep activists are the movements most committed members and the foundation of everything we do.


Government Visionaries are actively working to eliminate viral hepatitis in their country. Policymakers are well positioned to drive transformation and lead by example, amplifying their own efforts by inspiring others to take action. The Programme is open to all individuals working in government positions and is spearheaded by six governments, one from each WHO region.

Mapping the Visionaries

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NOhep Visionaries have been selected by the World Hepatitis Alliance, in collaboration with WHO, to spearhead the programme due to their commitment and activities to eliminate viral hepatitis. The programme is open to all governments.